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Life As A Doodle 8: The Things I Love Need to be Better

This book, as the other 7, is a response from a Trans school teacher to the bullies that surround her. The political bullies, the bullies on the tennis courts, and the random bullies in airports and grocery stores.

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Life As A Doodle 3: Kindness Works Better

The views of a member of the LGBTQ about life, her country, sport, teaching, and aging.

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Doodle Me Hope: The Politics Of Being Gay (Volume 1)

The first book was my attempt to share my doodle with other people, and especially students.  It is about life, teaching, and beginning to know what happiness is.

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Doodle Me Hope, Book 2: Hiding In Plain Sight

The second book as the title suggested moved toward my reflections on being bullied throughout my life.  It is still about finding myself and being ok with happiness.

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Doodle Me Hope, Book 3: Thank you for the Material

Honestly this is the most single minded of the books.  As the cover suggests I am angry at my country for electing such a president.  Political doodles are the theme.  I never wanted any of the books to be narrow in scope, but I was just too angry and scared of my government to think about anything else.

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Life is Transition

Book 4 is where I begin to think about coming out as TG in my district.  After 6 years of classifying myself under the umbrella term of gay I had reached the point where half truths were too heavy a load and I needed to put it down. The reason I started the new company was because Doodle needed to start fresh with an openly  transgender author.

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Life as a Doodle 2: Those Who Can….Teach

Here is the latest and most honest book I have ever done.  While I have always done some Transgender related doodles there are no longer hidden in the fringes.  Everything is right up front.  This is the book that I was supposed to do.

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